Another way to use bipods

Bipods are so simple and so ingenious.  They work wonderfully to stabilize your gun and allow you to take some of that human error out of the process.  Bipods are a must have for anyone looking to shoot in the prone extensively.

We know Bipods are designed to support the weight of the weapon’s front portion and barrel, and provide significant stability against unwanted side-to-side movements (i.e. canting) while allowing free movements pivoting around the transverse axis (pitching).

Yes, we always use bipods with weapons, We’ve come with an idea of another way to use bipods trickly.

Sometimes we need a table when we go outdoors, but it’s not convenient for carrage, you can try making table legs with your bipod, just attach the picatinny rail to the table board.

Ajustable height of legs can help you make a different height of table.
With the feature of foldable legs, you can turn the table into a thin board. which is very convenient to put in your car.
Enjoy your outdoor life!

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