9-13 inch Tactical Carbon Fiber Swivel Bipod Pivoting with Pod-Lock for Hunting and Shooting

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⭐Combined with Carbon fiber rods of each legs, this bipod is lighter than metal aluminum, but strength is higher than steel. Designed for real caliber, no collapse.
⭐Mounts onto rifles with sling stud or with picatinny rail via adapter.
⭐The surface of this carbon fiber bipod is more slippery, the pattern looks more stylish. From different perspective,the surface will reflect various pattern,which makes your bipod distinguish from others.It feels better and experiences better, brings you unprecedented ease.
⭐With return springs and leg release button, the leg length can be adjusted from 9 inches (228mm)to 13 inches(330mm).
⭐Swivel style from side to side by Pivot Leg, This function enable you to rotate the gun from side to side and compensate for ground that is un-level up to 20 degrees. Pod Lock replaces the thumb-nut on pivoting bipods to make locking them down easier.

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Provide increased accuracy and ease of shooting.
Ideal for shooting off the bench.

This bipod is made of strong steel and aluminum alloys, Resistant anodized finish,Hard rubber leg caps. This gives the shooter an additional advantage when shooting from hard surfaces.
With a touch of button, The legs are adjustable from 9″to 13″ . Notched legs in 1” increments. Legs are spring loaded, for fast deployment.
Attaches to the sling swivel stud or Bipod Adapters to picatinny rail or handguard.
Swivels (tilts) to compensate for uneven terrain. This is very convenient when shooting from areas with a constant angle or uneven ground.
This bipod is equipped with S Lock Ratchet Lever, Replaces the Tension Adjusting Knob for an easier and firmer Level Control.


Make sure the weapon is unloaded and the bolt is in the rear position before attaching the bipod.
Do not adjust or operate the bipod (trying to fold / unfold) while facing the muzzle.
When working with a bipod, the weapon must be on the safety lock.


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